About a week ago, as I was washing my makeup brushes, I realized how damaged and unsatisfying most of them were. I somehow always made sure to spend my money on quality beauty products but for some reason I totally skipped out on makeup brushes. Until now, I used whatever brush came in the packaging of my makeup products. Or kept buying cheap ones and throwing them after less than a year. This resulted in a big waste of my money. I decided it was about time that I start applying my purchasing philosophy: “buy less but better”. And spend more money on makeup brushes which I know I will be keeping for a longer time.

After a quick google search, I stumbled upon several lists of must have makeup brushes and TOM FORD’s brushes were practically always mentioned. So after some thorough research I made up my mind and decided to take the leap.

I purchased my brushes at Magasin Du Nord a very popular department store here in Copenhagen at the TOM FORD counter. I will first start reviewing the face brushes which includes the: Bronzer brush #05, Blush brush #06, Cream Foundation brush #02, Concealer brush #03 and Shade and Illuminate brush #04.


The quality

The brushes not only look but feel very luxurious. They’re the softest brushes I’ve ever touched. I believe that most of them are made with natural hair (goat) and manufactured by the world’s leading brush maker in Japan (which is also rumored to make the very popular Hakuhodo brushes, which I would also love to test in the future). The handles are moderately heavy and give a good control. The brushes heads are rather dense and super soft.

The packaging

The packaging really made a difference for me. I love gold details! These brushes really look amazing on my vanity table and match the rest of my decor.

The price

There’s no denying that these brushes are very expensive. They’re definitely the most expensive items in my makeup bag now. It is understandable since you’re not only buying quality brushes but also a brand which is none other than the embodiment of luxury: TOM FORD. If you’re interested, I would advise to only purchase the brushes you will need and use. I personally bought one or two brushes at the time each month and did not acquire the whole set. I usually save up and buy things according to my priority list.

The washing

The brushes are all protected with a small plastic brush guard that covers the bristles which is really helpful if you want to keep them away from dust and maintain their shapes. I’ve washed them once since I got them (I usually wash my brushes once a week). I would recommend washing them with a baby shampoo or organic savon de marseille as they are made with natural hair. They instantly went back to their initial color, kept their shape and barely shed (you will always have some shedding with natural bristle brushes). I do like that the bristles are white because it makes it easier to know when it’s time to start cleaning them. They do take a bit more time to dry compared to synthetic brushes, so make sure you wash them on a day where you’re not going to use them.


The Cream Foundation brush #02

Retails at 620DKK/73$. This is hands down my favorite foundation brush of all time! If it wasn’t this expensive, I would have probably purchased 3 more of them (I’m honestly planning to do that in the future). This brush blends any of my liquid foundations super fast and makes my skin look flawless with zero streak marks.

The bristles are so soft which is very important for me because scratchy foundation brushes tend to make me break out. The size is also perfect for my small face and fits every corners.

I’ve also noticed how this brush still looks the same after a year of using it and washing it and it’s still as white as the first time I purchased it. It did shed a few times at the beginning since it’s made with natural hair. However, the shedding has completely stopped after a few use. If there’s any brushes to purchase from Tom Ford, I would say this one would be the best investment.

The Shade & Illuminate brush #04

Retails at 610Dkk/73$. A bit of a WTF brush when I initially bought it, as I didn’t find much use for it at the beginning. Don’t ask me why I went ahead and purchased it, my addiction for TF brushes was simply strong and irrational! However it came in very handy once I purchased my very first contour sticks and cream highlighters. It blends cream products very fast and seamlessly with no streak marks or patchiness. Perfect for cream products!

The Bronzer Brush #05

It’s a very big brush so it really only took me about 10 seconds to apply, spread and blend my bronzing powder on my face. I use it for contouring for a natural finish in no time.

The Blush Brush #06

I love this round dense blush brush because it picks up pigment very well. I love a flushed effect on the apple of my cheeks and this brush is amazing since I only needed to pick a tiny bit of powder in order to have the effect that I want. I have to be careful thought not to pick up too much product because a little really goes a long the way.

The Foundation Brush #01

I usually don’t like flat foundation brushes but this one glides so well and makes the application very enjoyable! I only had to use a little bit of product to cover all my face and it didn’t leave any strike marks (I did make sure to apply the foundation in the same direction going from the middle and working my way out) and was incredibly soft and gentle on my skin. Perfect for a very natural and seamless finish. However I still prefer the cream brush over this one and I have been only using this one for primer or applying moisturizer.

Final thoughts

So far I’m 100% satisfied with these makeup brushes. In part 2 I will review the eyeshadow brushes. Now I know that there are other slightly cheaper brushes out there with similar quality but keep in mind that the reason behind my choice is not only quality but also the packaging and the easy availability of these brushes. Not having to order online, pay shipping fees and all sorts of extra charges (that ended up making some of these brushes equally as expensive) was definitely a plus for me.

I’m also curious about what makeup brushes you use, your thoughts on these brushes and your purchasing philosophy. So please feel free to share them with me!


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